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New Zealand eTA application

When planning a tourist trip to New Zealand, the first essential step is to obtain the appropriate visa. The eTA (Electronic Travel Authority) e-visa for New Zealand is an electronic travel document that has greatly simplified and facilitated the entry process for many international visitors. In this section, we'll explore in detail exactly what the eTA e-visa for New Zealand is and why it has become a must-have choice for travellers around the world. The importance of a travel visa is undeniable, as it determines whether or not you can explore the wonders of a foreign destination. The New Zealand eTA visa offers travellers a valuable opportunity to discover this country of breathtaking scenery, rich culture and exceptional natural diversity. By understanding how the eTA e-visa works and following the correct steps to obtain it, you can ensure a smooth and memorable tourist travel experience in New Zealand.

New Zealand eTA application form: in brief

  • Definition: The NZETA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority) is a required electronic travel authorisation for all travellers who are not citizens or permanent residents of New Zealand.
  • Who is it for? The NZETA is required for nationals of over 60 countries, including UK.
  • Procedure: The NZETA application is made online via the official New Zealand government website or an approved website. You need to fill in a form, provide a valid passport and pay the processing fee.
  • How long does it take? It generally takes between 24 and 72 hours to obtain a NZETA. However, it is advisable to apply at least 7 days before the date of your trip.
  • Price: The price of the NZETA is 23NZD (around €13) per person, plus the conservation and tourism tax of 35 NZD (around €20) and service charges. Payment is by credit card.

What is the eTA e-visa for New Zealand?

The eTA e-visa for New Zealand is a form of electronic travel visa that allows eligible visitors to stay in New Zealand for tourism, business or transit purposes for up to 90 days. Unlike traditional visas, the eTA e-visa does not require a stamp or label in the passport. Instead, it is electronically linked to the traveller's passport, making it a convenient option for international travellers.

The major objective of the eTA e-visa for New Zealand is to simplify and speed up the entry process for visitors while enhancing border security. It allows the New Zealand government to better control the admission of travellers while providing travellers with a more efficient and user-friendly visa application experience.

The advantages of the eTA e-visa over the traditional visa :

  • Easy to apply for: The eTA e-visa can be applied for online from anywhere, eliminating the need to visit a consulate or embassy in person.
  • Fast processing: eTA e-visa processing is generally faster than traditional visas, meaning travellers can obtain their travel authorisation more quickly.
  • Less paperwork: Unlike traditional visas, the eTA e-visa does not require printed forms or physical documents to be submitted, simplifying the process.
  • 24/7 accessibility: Travellers can submit their eTA e-visa application at any time, which is particularly useful for those with time constraints.
  • Online tracking: Applicants can track the status of their application online, keeping them informed of the progress of the process.

New Zealand eTA application!

Eligibility for the eTA New Zealand e-visa

To obtain an eTA e-visa for New Zealand, travellers must meet certain eligibility criteria. These criteria generally include the following factors:

  • Travel purpose: The eTA e-visa is intended mainly for tourist, business or transit travel. Travellers must clearly state the purpose of their trip when applying.
  • Length of stay: Travellers must ensure that their stay in New Zealand does not exceed 90 consecutive days.
  • Return tickets: Proof of return or exit tickets may be required at the end of the authorised visa period.
  • Financial solvency: Travellers must be able to demonstrate that they have the financial resources to cover their expenses during their stay in New Zealand.
  • Good health: Travellers may be required to provide a medical certificate if they have any particular health problems.

The eTA e-visa for New Zealand is generally available to nationals of many countries. However, it is important to check whether your nationality is eligible before starting the application. Eligible nationalities are usually listed on the official New Zealand Immigration website.


Period of validity of the eTA e-visa for New Zealand :

The eTA e-visa for New Zealand has a specific validity period. In general, it is valid for 2 years from the date of issue. However, it is important to note that the maximum length of stay authorised in New Zealand for each entry is 90 days.


How do I apply for an eTA New Zealand online?

The online application process for an eTA e-visa for New Zealand is simple and efficient. Here are the general steps you will need to follow:

  • Access to the official site or a simplified private site : Go to the official site or a simplified service provider site to start your application.
  • Completing the online form: Complete the online form, providing all the information requested. Make sure you meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Uploading documents: Upload the required documents, such as scans of your passport and other relevant documents.
  • Payment of fees: Pay the processing and visa fees using the accepted payment methods.
  • Submitting your application: Submit your application online. You will receive confirmation of receipt with an application number.

The processing time for the eTA e-visa for New Zealand can also vary depending on various factors, including the volume of applications and the time of year. In general, applications are processed quickly, but it is advisable to submit your application several weeks in advance to avoid any inconvenience associated with the processing time.

New Zealand eTA application!

Tips for filling in the New Zealand eVisa form correctly

  • Read each question carefully before answering to avoid mistakes.
  • Be precise and consistent in your answers and make sure they match the information in your passport.
  • Use Latin characters to fill in the form, unless you have non-Latin characters in your name or contact details.
  • Double-check the information provided to avoid typing errors.
  • Use correct and up-to-date information.


What are the most common mistakes to avoid?

When filling in the form, it is important to avoid certain common mistakes, in particular :

  • Failing to provide complete information.
  • Providing inaccurate or misleading information.
  • Not answering questions about criminal history honestly and completely.
  • Ignore the specific instructions provided on the official New Zealand immigration website.
  • Submitting an incomplete or incorrectly completed form.


Processing your New Zealand tourist visa application

Once you have submitted your eTA e-visa application for New Zealand, it will be assessed by the New Zealand immigration authorities. Assessment of the application involves verification of the information provided, confirmation of eligibility and compliance with requirements. Necessary security checks and verifications will be carried out to ensure the integrity of the process.

Once your application has been assessed, you will receive electronic notification of the approval or rejection of your e-visa eTA. If approved, you will receive an electronic travel authorisation which you will need to present at the New Zealand border.

If your application is rejected, you will usually be given the reasons for the refusal. It is essential to take these reasons into account in order to understand any errors or omissions in your application.

New Zealand eTA application!

What is the eTA visa price for New Zealand?

The eTA visa price for New Zealand is 23 New Zealand dollars for government fees. In addition, the Conservation and Tourism Levy (NZ$35) and a processing fee may also be added by the service provider or online application site. These additional processing fees vary depending on the service provider you choose to use. Be sure to check the specific processing fees at the time of your application, as they may vary from one service provider to another.

Once you have accurately completed your online application form and are ready to submit your eTA e-visa application for New Zealand, it is essential to understand the payment methods accepted. Here are the commonly accepted methods of payment for processing and visa fees:

  • Credit/debit cards: International credit and debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express are generally accepted. Please ensure that your card is activated for international transactions.
  • E-wallets: Some online payment systems, such as PayPal, may also be accepted. Check with the official New Zealand Immigration website to see if this option is available.
  • International bank transfers: In some cases, international bank transfers can be accepted, but they are less common because of the longer processing time.

Remember that payment of this fee is essential for the eTA application to be processed.


What documents and information are required to obtain an NZeTA?

To obtain an NZeTA (New Zealand eTA), you need to prepare the following documents and information:

  • Valid passport: Your passport must be valid for at least three months beyond your intended date of departure from New Zealand.
  • Recent photograph: You will need two recent passport-size photographs.
  • Completed application form: You must complete the online application form available on the New Zealand Immigration website.
  • Travel information: A copy of your travel itinerary, including dates of entry to and exit from New Zealand.
  • Proof of sufficient funds: You must prove that you have the financial means to cover your stay in New Zealand. This can be demonstrated by bank statements or a letter from your sponsor stating that you have at least 1000 NZD per month of stay (or 400 NZD per month if your accommodation is already paid for).
  • Proof of good health: You must be in good health. If you plan to come for medical treatment, you must apply for a medical treatment visa before travelling.
  • Proof of character: You must answer questions about your character to check that you have no criminal convictions or history of deportation.
  • Exit ticket: You must have a return or onward ticket to another country.
  • Proof of address (if required): Proof of your current address may be requested, such as a utility bill or bank statement.

All of these documents must be ready before you start your online application to ensure a smooth process and avoid any delays in obtaining your NZeTA.

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The eTA (Electronic Travel Authority) e-visa is an electronic travel document allowing eligible travellers to stay in New Zealand for tourism, business or transit purposes. Eligible nationalities may vary, but in general, many nationalities can apply for an eTA e-visa for New Zealand. It is essential to check your eligibility before submitting an application.

The time taken to process an eTA e-visa application for New Zealand may vary depending on the time of year and the volume of applications. In general, applications are processed quickly, but it is advisable to submit your application several weeks in advance to avoid any inconvenience associated with the processing time.

No, the eTA e-visa for New Zealand cannot be extended once you are in New Zealand. You must stay within the 90-day time limit. If you need to stay longer, you will need to leave the country before your e-visa expires and apply for a new permit from outside New Zealand if necessary.