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The eTA is an essential element for travellers wishing to visit Canada for short stays, whether for tourism, business or other legitimate reasons. In this detailed guide, we will provide you with a series of simple and clear steps to help you navigate through the online application form. Each step is designed to guide you through the important sections of the form, focusing on the key information you need to provide. Whether this is your first time filling in this form or you just want some advice to make sure everything is correct, we're here to help you every step of the way.


First part of the eTA form: Personal information

When you enter the personal details section of the Canada visa online (eTA Canada) application form, it is important to provide accurate and complete details. This step is essential to establish your identity and ensure correspondence with your official documents. Here's how to fill in this crucial section correctly:

  • Name: Enter your name exactly as it appears in your passport. Do not leave any extra spaces or unnecessary special characters. Use the appropriate upper and lower case letters.
  • Date of birth: Enter your date of birth in the required format (dd/mm/yyyy). Make sure the date is correct and consistent with your passport.
  • Gender: Indicate your gender in accordance with your legal identity. Select "male" or "female" depending on your gender.
  • Nationality: Select your current nationality from the drop-down menu. Make sure you choose the nationality that matches your passport.

eTA Canada application form!

Second part of the eTA form: Information about travelling to Canada

When you reach the travel information section of the online Canada visa application form (eTA Canada), it is important to provide accurate and complete details of your planned trip. This information helps the authorities understand the nature of your visit and make informed decisions. Here's how to complete this section accurately:

  • Planned travel dates: Indicate precisely the start and end dates of your trip to Canada. Make sure these dates correspond to your travel plans.
  • Purpose of trip: Choose the major reason for your visit from the options provided, such as tourism, business, family visits, studies, etc.
  • Duration of stay: Indicate the planned duration of your stay in Canada. This should correspond to the travel dates you have provided.
  • Address in Canada: If you already know where you are staying in Canada, provide the full address. Otherwise, you can enter the address of the hotel where you plan to stay when you arrive.
  • Travel itinerary: Give a brief outline of your travel itinerary in Canada, including the cities you plan to visit and the activities you intend to do.


Third part of the eTA form: Passport information

The passport information section of the Canada online visa application form (eTA Canada) is crucial for establishing your identity and eligibility. Make sure you enter your passport details accurately. Here's how to do it correctly:

  • Passport number: Enter your passport number exactly as it appears on your document. Check the numbers and letters carefully to avoid mistakes.
  • Date of issue: Indicate the date on which your passport was issued. Use the format (dd/mm/yyyy).
  • Expiry date: Enter the date on which your passport expires. Make sure it remains valid for the duration of your planned stay in Canada.
  • Issuing country: Choose the country that issued your passport from the drop-down menu.

eTA Canada application form!

Fourth part of the eTA form: Information on employment and background

The employment and background information section of the online Canada visa application form (eTA Canada) is intended to provide details of your employment status and previous travels. This information helps the authorities to assess your eligibility and your intention to visit. Here's how to complete this section accurately:

  • Current job: Provide information about your current job, including the name of your employer, your position and the duration of your employment.
  • Trips to Canada and elsewhere: Indicate whether you have visited Canada or any other country in the past. If so, indicate the dates of your trips and the purpose of your visit.
  • Criminal record: If you have a criminal record, follow the instructions provided to provide specific details. In some cases, additional documents may be required.


Review and verification before submitting the eTA form

Careful review and verification of all the information provided in the online Canada visa application form (eTA Canada) is essential to ensure that your application is accurate and complete. This final step plays a crucial role in the success of your application. Here's how to do it effectively:

Revision allows us to detect and correct any errors, inconsistencies or omissions before submitting your application. This ensures that your information is accurate and that nothing has been overlooked.

Tips for checking and correcting :

  • Read carefully: Go through each section of the form, carefully reading every field and every detail you have provided.
  • Check the dates: Make sure that the dates of travel, birth, passport expiry, etc., are consistent and correct.
  • Avoid typos: Be on the lookout for typos or spelling mistakes that could lead to problems.
  • Consistency: Check that all the information is consistent and corresponds, particularly in relation to your official documents.
  • Check your selections: Make sure you have selected the right options in the drop-down menus.
  • Supporting documents : Check whether any supporting documents are required and make sure you enclose them.

eTA Canada application form!

Submission of the eTA application form and processing time

Once you have carefully reviewed all the information provided on the Canada visa online (eTA Canada) application form and are sure it is correct, you are ready to proceed to the submission stage. Follow these steps to finalise your application:

  • Final validation: Before submitting your application, take a moment to review the entire form and ensure that each section is complete and correct.
  • Processing fee: Please be aware that a processing fee may be required at this stage. Consult the information provided on the official website for amounts and accepted payment methods.
  • Online submission: Look for the submit button or option on the form. Click on it to send your request electronically.
  • Confirmation: Once your application has been successfully submitted, you should receive confirmation. This confirmation may be a tracking number or an electronic receipt. Keep it carefully for your records.
  • Processing time : The processing time for your application may vary depending on various factors. Consult the official website for information on estimated processing times.
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The eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) is a required travel authorization for visa-exempt travellers to Canada by air. Citizens of eligible countries must obtain an eTA before their departure. It allows short-term stays for tourism, business or family purposes. Check whether you are eligible for the eTA on the official Canadian government website.

Of course, the online application form is designed to be user-friendly. However, to ensure that all the steps are followed correctly, it is recommended that you use the official Canadian government website or recognised private platforms. These sites often offer online guides and assistance to help you complete the form correctly. They will therefore be very useful if you are unsure about how to answer certain questions.

Processing times generally vary, but eTA Canada applications are often processed quickly. On average, the process takes a few minutes to a few days. It is recommended that you submit your application at least a few weeks before your planned trip to ensure that you have sufficient time to obtain approval. You can monitor the status of your application using the tools provided on the official website.